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What does the Conservative Government say about Property Rights?

This is the policy declaration of the Conservative Party of Canada from the November 2013 National Party Convention in Calgary.

13.  Property Rights

i The Conservative Party believes the government should seek the agreement of the provinces to amend the Constitution to include this right, as well as guarantee that no person shall be deprived of their just right without the due process of law and full, just and timely compensation.

 ii We believe the government should enact legislation to ensure that full, just and timely compensation will be paid to all persons who are deprived of personal or private property as a result of any federal government initiative, policy, process, regulation or legislation.




  • Is seeking to expropriate one billion dollars of seismic data without paying for it.
  • Has interfered with my relations and agreements with my customers and I have evidence of over $30+million in government payments to my clients to breach their license agreements and hand over my data.
  • Rather than protection against foreign companies, government ignored regulations to protect the foreign company and harm the hard working honest Canadian company.
  • Has funded my wealthy foreign competitors and supported them with taxpayer funds when they have violated my copyright and are recording data over top of the Canadian company’s data.
  • Makes a mockery of the Access to Information Act of Canada with many violations, false responses, breaches, and what I see as outright wrongdoing.
  • Does business and strongly supports piracy firms while destroying hard working honest Canadian business.
  • Does not keep it's word or written commitments to honor Canadian Copyright laws and sought to renege on these commitments (Natural Resources).
  • Elected officials will not assist me and protect me from so-called  "greater good" principles pursued by government bureaucrats and Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.
  • Canada has no federal investigative or special prosecutors to address widespread government alleged wrongdoing and scandals like this so that I am forced to investigate and prosecute this at my own cost.
  • After I attempted to protect my intellectual property govt has systematically gone after my business and its revenues, to try to create a situation where GSI cannot defend itself and its assets, so they can be taken without compensation.
  • Interfered in our contracts with our oil company clients causing GSI to lose its reputation, and the ability to do business with these clients.
  • Finally to top it all off oil companies add to the damage by apparently ignoring contract terms and forcing more litigation in what seems like a coordinated effort to gang up on our small firm.

“In Alberta the government isn't adversarial to business and follows the laws and seismic data is not requested by them and remains confidential and copyright forever.”


 Paul Einarsson, COO and Chairman, GSI

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