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Speculative data or non-exclusive data has been acquired by GSI for future licensing to customers. GSI continues to sell its seismic data to the oil and gas industry.

Geophysical Service Incorporated owns and markets non-exclusive offshore, worldwide data projects.

GSI's non-exclusive seismic database exceeds 300,000 kilometers of 2D data in Atlantic Canada, the Caribbean, and the Falkland/Malvinas Area. Additionally, GSI owns approximately 4,800 square kilometers of 3D data in Canadian waters.

GSI is the largest owner of non-exclusive seismic data in Canada’s offshore frontiers; recently completed reprocessing vintage data in the Labrador/Baffin area.


In conjunction with the non-exclusive data business, GSI manages a large data storage facility.

Professionalism in Using Non-Exclusive Seismic Data with Examples

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