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Mar. 23, 2013
Seismic Company Continues Intellectual Property Rights Fight
Data appropriation by government is misguided.
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Mar. 19, 2013
Court Challenges in Newfoundland VOCM Open Line
COO and Chairman of Geophysical Service Paul Einarsson says his company's seismic data should be protected and not given away by the Newfoundland government and offshore regulators.
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Mar. 15, 2013
Firm Having Trouble Accessing Info
VOCM reports on Nalcor dodging access to information requests.
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Mar. 15, 2013
Nalcor Access to Information VOCM Open Line
COO and Chairman Paul Einarsson with host Bill Rowe on VOCM Open Line March 15, 2013 on NALCOR blocking access to information on GSI seismic data.
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Mar. 12, 2013
Canada's Inaction Plan on Revamping Freedom of Information Laws
A continued slide for Canada’s ranking in the world
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Mar. 08, 2013
How GSI discovered its seismic data was being hijacked
The GSI Story Canada Free Press
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Mar. 04, 2013
VOCM Backtalk Paul Einarsson Geophysical Service Inc C-NLOPB Problems
Why Paul Einarsson is taking his fight public.
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