GSI is a geophysical service company providing exclusive and non-exclusive 2D and 3D marine seismic data, gravity and magnetic data offshore Canada and around the world.

GSI is the largest owner of marine seismic data in Canada.

Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Latest News

GSI forced to fight for justice.
We maintain government expropriated our data without compensation. This has created a “jackpot of free seismic data” for unethical users. Learn more about the GSI Fight.

Oct. 15, 2018
Notice of Intent to File Claim Under NAFTA
GSI Files Copyright Violation claim under NAFTA
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Oct. 15, 2018
From Blacklocks Reporter
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Aug. 20, 2018
NAFTA and Property Rights
New NAFTA must stop Canada's Intellectual Property abuses.
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Jul. 25, 2016
Texas Judge revives IP claims against ConocoPhillips. from LAW360
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Feb. 07, 2015
Gov't Bills 10K To Pull Files!
from Blacklock's Reporter
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Dec. 18, 2014
Curb on concealment by Federal agencies needed
Repost from Blacklock's Reporter
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Oct. 29, 2014
$38.00 a page for public records?
Access to Information charges inflated!
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Oct. 22, 2014
Judge OK's Gov't Concealment of Records. Includes GSI requests.
Ruling means a get away free card? From Blacklock's Reporter
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Sep. 17, 2014
GSI court win! from Blacklock's Reporter.
"Security for costs claim dismissed" in ruling that GSI profitable, has assets.
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Sep. 10, 2014
Oil company headed to court over information access with NL Government
by Ashley Fitzpatrick, TheTelegram
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Aug. 25, 2014
Feds Try To Veto Copyright
Repost from Blacklock's Reporter
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Aug. 21, 2014
Protecting Seismic Data and Other Trade Secrets
by Doug Rhorer, Drill Deeper Blog
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Jul. 31, 2014
The Gargoyle: Finance Canada Sued for Copyright
by Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen
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Jul. 29, 2014
Nova Scotia Offshore Regulator Targets GSI Seismic Images
by Paul McLeod, Halifax Chronicle Herald
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Jul. 28, 2014
Update! Millions in Copyright Data Sold for $759.00
Repost from Blacklock's Reporter
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May. 27, 2014
GSI files copyright claim in U.S.
Annie Cosby, Southeast Texas Record
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